Its with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to yet another member of our BJW Dedicated volunteers. Our "Master of Ceremonies" Big Jack Kordusky. Jack was on board with BJW from Day 1 back in 2006 to start this wonderful tournament for a wonderful cause in Memory of Bev. He knew how to keep the tournament exciting and fun for all, he was our Entertainer! He did a wonderful job!... He also carried it with him when he went to Heartland Bowl to manage the center there. He had tournaments there and events there to raise money. He told us he wanted to spread out, get bigger and better every year! He told us he wanted this to be the biggest and best tournament in Florida! It will be very sad and hard this year with him not there to lead us. You will be missed! Love you and Thank you for everything you have done to make this Special! R.I.P our dear friend . We will MISS you more than you will ever know. Your Memory will always be with us, and never forgotten.